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Month: July 2011

Ice Cream Festival

Do you like ice cream? Visit the Canada Agriculture Museum on Sunday, August 7, and learn about the journey from cow to cone. Practise your milking technique on the Museum’s wooden cow and get the scoop on how dairying technology now includes milking machines, and even robotic milkers. . Try your hand at an old-fashioned manual ice […]

Epic engineering: the Carling Bridge replacement

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube] You may have heard that the 417 was closing this weekend to replace the Carling Bridge. Above, is a stop motion video created by Terri Oda using data from the webcams showing the replacement. From the Ottawa Citizen: Using what’s known as self-propelled modular transporters — SPMTS — the decks of the […]

A taste of Italy at Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

After months of anticipation that had the neighbourhood buzzing, Stella Luna Gelato Café will open this weekend in Old Ottawa South. Armed with her adventurous spirit, her adopted Italian background, and a lot of courage, owner Tammy Giuliani has finally decided to follow her dream and open a gelateria. “It’s a leap of faith! I’m […]

Yards of Chinatown: Celebrating one of Ottawa’s most artistic neighbourhoods

Chinatown is having a good year. First, it got what is probably the most bling-tastic arch of any Chinatown in Canada (take that, Vancouver!). Then it came in second place in our Neighbourhood Wars contest, beaten only by the might of the Hintonburg Army – who, rumour has it, used voter intimidation to secure the win. It’s also home […]

Capital Cruising: Time-lapse video of Ottawa

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo] Pretty pictures seems to be a theme on the blog this week. It may be because Ottawa looks good with a tan, but more likely its because anything beyond pretty pictures would take away too much time away from playing outside. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s some pretty moving pictures of […]

Weekend Roundup: Things to do in Ottawa this weekend that aren’t the cottage

The last weekend of July! Summer is slipping away so fast… mostly because there’s just too much to do! This long weekend is no exception, with a ton of stuff going on in addition to the usual selection of summer festivals (this weekend it’s Busker Fest, Rideau Canal Fest, Ottawa Lumière Festival and Chamber Fest up on […]

The Polymorphines rock the southern U.S., debut new EP here at home

Earlier this year, Ottawa garage rockers The Polymorphines packed their bags and headed south. Way south. As in, Austin, Texas south. That’s where the lads holed up in a studio to record tunes for a new album, and this weekend they’re giving their fans a taste of  what’s to come with their release party for […]

Tulips are for tourists: Local gallery wants your images of urban Ottawa

Google “Ottawa” and you’ll pull up a cornucopia of pictures of tulips, the Rideau Canal, and Parliament Hill, from every possible angle and in every possible light. While we’ve got nothing against flowers, historic buildings or the associated festivals, these aren’t the only images that can be associated with this city of over one million […]

Local photog’s songwriter series wins international recognition

For most people, the private lives of their favourite musicians remain mysterious and remote. Sure, we can see them rock out on stage, or read their ponderings on Twitter. But it’s not as easy to glimpse the personal spaces where they do their writing and recording. That’s what makes local photographer Jamie Kronick’s photo series […]

Weekly News Review: Highrises, hosting Northern Ontario’s fire victims and more!

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Algonquin College has been hosting a group of almost 300 evacuees from the Northern Ontario forest fires. As of Sunday, there were about 118 forest fires burning in Northern Ontario, covering an area of almost 540,000 hectares. Ontario has been producing so much electricity that it’s had to sell its […]

National BBQ Day

Grill, Grin and WIN on National BBQ Day™! . There’s nothing quite like a summertime BBQ. Grilling steaks and burgers with friends and family is one of the joys of the season, and we want to help you celebrate! . National BBQ Day is on August 6th, and Meal Exchange is calling on all Canadians […]

E-Tron: non-record label uses old fashioned approach to promoting new sounds

E-Tron Records is not a record label. At least, not a traditional record label. Their focus is not money. They don’t find and fund fledgling bands, or turn small sparks into huge stars overnight. They aren’t equipped with a talent-scouting A&R department. They’re just two guys, Phillipe Charbonneau and Olivier Fairfield, who love music. “In […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Taking the pulse of local media, plus Ottawa’s best public spaces

[podcast][/podcast] Breaking news, audiophiles: today’s edition of the Apartment613 live podcast is all about media. In our first interview, we chat with two of the city’s biggest proponents of micro-focused local reporting: OpenFile Ottawa editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey and Spacing Ottawa editor Evan Thornton. A bit later, we invite into the studio a couple of CHUO […]

The Dirty Rectangles and the art of the indie video game

Post by Travis Boisvenue, whose story on Ottawa video game collective Dirty Rectangles originally appeared at OpenFile Ottawa. Canada is no stranger to independent video games. The movement of art-focused, largely unfinanced video game designers has produced some of the most critically acclaimed games of the decade. And Canada is home to award-winning indie studios […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa

Hey Ottawans, looking for some weekend plans? The Weekend Roundup has its magnifying glass out, its trusty bloodhound at its side, and is on the case. This is one mystery we’re not going to let go unsolved. Starting with music: there ain’t no party like a B.A. Johnston party, because a B.A. Johnston party just […]