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Month: November 2010

Best Hot Chocolate in Town: Twitter Poll Edition

As Ottawa receives its first snow of the season, our thoughts here at Apartment613 are turning from cold beer and patios to hot chocolate and fireplaces. A group of brave volunteers expect to give everyone’s favourite winter drink the full double blind taste test treatment some point soon at the Apartment613 Science laboratories. However, we […]

We did it ouuuur waaaaay! Ottawa Karaoke Tour 2010

[youtube][/youtube] The epic 2010 Karaoke tour was produced by Andrea Grant. Video production by Andrea and Tyler, with participation by Ashley, Holly, Whitney, Peter, Paul R., Paul K., Julie, Ramsey, Amanda, Georgia, Gloria, Joanna, Steve, Tyler B., Tyler C., Kari, Doug and Claus. In Japan and other Asian countries, karaoke is a way to bond […]