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Month: May 2010

Herbivores unite: Veg Fest is back in Ottawa

Full disclosure: I’m not, and probably never will be, a strict vegetarian. While I really do respect those who make an ethical decision not to consume animals or animal byproducts, I’m just not that strong. What can I say, the price of my soul is about equal to a pound of locally-butchered bacon. However, as […]

Dirty Laundry: New trends in porn and what to do over the long haul

A professional sexual health educator with an alarming lack of tact, Nadine Thornhill is used to airing out other people’s unmentionables. Her sex column, Dirty Laundry, runs the last Friday of each month on Apt613. To ask your questions, or to say hello to Nadine, contact her at For the full smorgasboard of Nadine’s […]

“I’ve still got you, ice cream…” Interview with Pascale of Pascale's Ice Cream

Post by Dominic Maggiolo, Ottawa food philosopher and blogger on vegetarian food and culture. With his series of exposés on women food entrepreneurs, chefs, bakers and more, he hopes to showcase the wonderful talent here in Ottawa and in the area. Check out other posts in this series or some of Dominic’s other writings on […]

Weekend roundup

So you’ve survived the crippling heat of this week’s soaring temperatures, and finally have enough energy again to actually move around without breaking into a sweat. What to do? If you discovered that your entire wardrobe was best suited for winter, head to the 3rd annual Love the Clothes, Hate the Cancer clothing swap. Or, […]

The Fringe Fest needs you! Volunteer for your chance at eternal glory

The Fringe Fest is just around the bend! The annual festival of comedy, theatre and music  hits Ottawa from June 17 to 27, and they’re looking for volunteers! Here’s our top 3 reasons why you should get involved: 1) Swag – Volunteers get a shiny t-shirt, plus one free pass to a show for every […]

Ravenswings Craft and Zine Fair

The Ravensing Craft and Zine Fair has become an Ottawa Spring tradition. Every year, a group of eclectic artisans and artists converge on Minto Park (Elgin and Gilmour) to sell their wares, talk with other craftspeople and enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather. Don’t expect doilies and barbie doll toilet paper covers here; Ravenswing’s goods range […]

Weekly News Review: A Barrymore heritage site, more fires and the O-card!

Barrymore’s has had a lot of ups and downs over the years. It started as a popular theater, only to end up a furniture store. After its revival as the Studio 54 of Ottawa, hosting acts like Steppenwolf, Bryan Adams, U2 and Tina Turner during the 80s, it has once again fallen into hard times. […]

Night at the Museum (of Nature!)

My relationship with nature is, shall we say, complex. I love conservatories, biospheres, insectariums – essentially anywhere I can observe its multifaceted wonders from a plexiglass-mediated distance, safe in the knowledge I will not be stung, injected with venom, or impaled on a tusk. Even trees kind of make me uneasy (those knife-sharp branches could […]

Best gelato in Ottawa: the Twitter poll edition!

Sun, heat, and a long weekend add up to one thing: gelato (they also add up to patios, but math was never my strong point). Gelato is ice cream’s Italian cousin: sexier, more sophisticated, and – just to add insult to injury – less fattening. Since the May long weekend marks the perfect time to […]

The Final Chapter (until the play): Airport Security Episode Four

Just in time for the Queen’s Birthday, we are pleased to present the fourth and final (cue single tear) Airport Security webisode from the talented team at Gruppo Rubato. You can now look forward to getting the live Airport Security experience starting June 4th when the show opens at the Irving Greenberg Theatre.  You can […]

Weekend roundup

It’s almost the weekend – again! And this one’s got an extra day tacked onto the end – so much more time to have so much more fun. Given that it’s Victoria Day on Monday, you might want to head down to the building officially called the Victoria Memorial Museum Building to celebrate. Otherwise known […]

Your feedback's needed for Lansdowne!

By Phil Castro To recap, in our last installment we reported that on Monday November 16, 2009 our Ottawa City Council voted 15-9 in favour of moving ahead with the $250 million dollar redevelopment of Lansdowne. The redevelopment of the city owned property would include a collection of shops, restaurants, theatres, parking garages, green spaces, […]

Local foodies take note! The Collection serves tasty dishes

By Samantha Everts When you’re headed to the market for a night on the town chances are you’ll either end up at an overpriced bistro with too small portions, or you’ll gorge on greasy diner fare. If you’re looking for something different, fear not, The Collection has ambitiously taken on the challenge of providing a […]

Porter also embraces…

Porter quickly embraced Ottawa as a destination when the chic airline launched and it seems committed to showcasing some of the city’s best spots in its in-flight magazine, Re:Porter. Here are some of our favourites from Porter’s selections with their own comments: STORES: The Candy Store, 350 Richmond Road — “Who could resist the rainbow […]

Weekly News Review: Sewage in the River, Festival funding, Open Data Ottawa and more!

Will water and wastewater management become an important election issue? Last Thursday’s rainfall pushed roughly two million litres of sewer overflow into the Ottawa River. Dixon Weir, manager of environmental services, wrote to council that the real-time control installations at three regulators are almost complete. The improvements will help staff better monitor the sewer flows. […]