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Month: June 2009

Bluesfest Byward July 12th

At Bluesfest Byward today: Harlem Gospel Choir, Broken Social Scene, The Ethics, Kid Koala, Thunderheist, Misstress Barbara, Sebastien Grainger, Ohbijou and more.

Welcome to Zen Kitchen

This weekend, Chinatown’s Zen Kitchen finally held its long-awaited opening. It is the first fine cuisine vegan restaurant in the city. (Read: the first vegetarian/vegan restaurant with servers!) Co-owner David Loan describes it as the first vegan place “where you can bring a date.” You won’t read much about that claim to fame in Zen […]

Fitting in

I remember the first time one of my friends wore camouflage pants back in grade school. It was THE coolest thing – the rest of us tried not to gawk, but we were all secretly jealous that our moms hadn’t bought those pants for us. It was my first experience of cutting edge fashion (besides, […]

Stuff from the Flickr Pool: Black and White

In our quest to capture Ottawa’s culture and spread it over the blogosphere, Apartment613 depends a lot on photos provided on Flickr under the Creative Commons license. We’re excited to have 68 photographers that have now joined our Flickr group. This week, we share with you some stunning black and white images from around town. […]

Health in the City Part 3: The Results

Guest post from Kym Shumsky, an Ottawa writer shares her thoughts and pictures of things she likes on her blog at This post is the final post of a three-part series on Fitness in the Capital Region. When I hired Avril Patrick a few weeks ago, I really only wanted a new weightlifting plan.  […]

Audio Visual Podcast Rundown June 24

We kept right on Fringing this week on Audio Visual but our first guest, while still a performer, was less of the theatrical variety and more of the stand-up comedy flavour. Kyle Radke (the guy in the photo) talked to us about his upcoming performance at the Stand-up Comedy Allstars show on Sunday, June 28 […]

Yes We Can! Strawberry Preservation Workshops from Just Food

Summer in Ottawa is a fleeting tease. It’s really only nice out for a couple weeks at most and it’s important that we all make the most of it. With the heat of summer also comes a slew of great tasting local berries – primed not only for eating, but also preserving. I’ve been making […]

Fringe Festival Reviews

We’ve been hitting the Fringe in search of the good, the bad and the “why did I just pay $10 to see that?” We’ll add more as we go, but please point us towards (or away) from the productions you have seen. It’s the last weekend for the Fringe – can’t decide which plays to […]

Review of No Exit Upstage at the Fringe

I went to see No Exit Upstage by Nancy Kenny with Karen on Thursday, at the 2 for 1 special for the opening night of the Fringe. The premise is relatively simple: a couple of roommates who are auditioning for the same play are stuck together in the waiting room.  The plot and the actors […]

Show me your ribs

Today is the day southerners descend on Sparks Street and public servants spend their whole lunch hour waiting in line to spend $22 on ribs! The International Chicken-Rib Cook-Off takes place on the pedestrian mall from June 24 to the 28. Prizes are given to the best U.S. or Canadian team for best ribs, best […]

Ottawa’s Best and Worst Public Bathrooms

We’ve all been in that situation where nature calls at the most inopportune time. You’re just minding your own business downtown and all of a sudden you get into a panic and need to find the nearest bathroom before it’s too late. In this situation you’ll probably settle for anything. It doesn’t have to be […]

Prepping for the LCBO Strike: Where to buy booze

Update 2: So it turns out that it may not be legal to transport alcohol across provincial boundaries, therefore apartment613 does not condone this activity and would caution you to please consult a legal expert before moving any beverages from the SAQ into Ottawa Update: The LCBO and the Union have delayed a strike until […]

Apartment613’s Guide To Fringe: Five Picks for First-time Fringers

With something like 57 shows on at the Ottawa Fringe Fest this year, some of us not-so-knowledgeable theatre goers might need a bit of help in knowing what to attend. This past weekend I turned to fringe-insiders (and staff members) Patrick Gautier and Catriona Leger to get some of their picks on can’t-miss Fringe favourites. […]

A Ottawa Small Press Book Fair

This review of the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair is courtesy of Jeremy Hanson-Finger, an editor at the Moose and Pussy, Carleton’s best (and only) erotic literature magazine. Despite attending two funerals this week, rob mclennan, the Frank Zappa of the Ottawa literary scene (moustache-wise, at least), was in a remarkably chipper mood last Saturday […]