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Month: May 2009

Ottawa: A Look Back

For my last post, I used the Internet Archive‘s excellent resources to host the MP3 of my interview with Bruised Tongue. Their free hosting and archiving was just too good to resist. Now that I’ve been spending a little time at the Internet Archive I thought I should look around to see what I could […]

From the Apartment613 Flickr Pool: Stuff on Walls

In our quest to capture Ottawa’s culture and spread it over the blogosphere, Apartment613 depends a lot on photos provided on Flickr under the Creative Commons license. Forty-six generous photographers have joined our Flickr group and have allowed us access to their work over the last four months. Unfortuately, there are a lot of great […]

Health in the City Part 2: The Value of a Trainer

Guest post from Kym Shumsky, an Ottawa writer shares her thoughts and pictures of things she likes on her blog at This post is part two of a three-part series on Fitness in the Capital Region. It’s only our second session, and already, my trainer is giving me hell.  But not about my lunges. […]

Cyclin’ City

This week, in Toronto, they had a mass bike to work day. Tons of cyclists took to the streets and biked. Awesome. So, Ottawa, you ready for the same? Maybe not. Maybe we’re too straightlaced for this. (Go ahead – prove me wrong! I’d be delighted, and would join you on my 1995 mountain bike!) […]

Audio Visual Rundown May 27

Hello everyone! I’m Tina Hassannia, Peter’s co-hosting better half on Audio Visual. Our May 27 show was undoubtedly one of the most solid hours of radio we have ever produced … ever produced on campus radio of all time. Audio Visual has had a soft spot for local theatre coverage since its innception but May […]

Tapes ‘n More Tapes

Do you remember tapes? The first one I ever got was Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill back in 1995. Like most people, I didn’t buy too many tapes after that because CDs quickly caught on with consumers and the music industry alike. Audiophiles and music afficionados, meanwhile, stuck with their beloved vinyl records. In our […]

Interview with The Dinner Jacket

“Clothes make the man,” Mark Twain once quipped, “naked people have little or no influence on society.” Shirts, shoes and other accoutrements play an important role in our culture by passing along visual cues on a person’s status, conformity to social norms, activities and even their taste in music. To quote another dead white man […]

Veg Fest ’09!

For a mid-sized metropolis, we’ve got a pretty diverse food culture. One of the things I’ve found exciting (coming from a town where the unofficial slogan was “Beef, Baby!”) is that vegetarians aren’t just accommodated – entire restaurants cater to their dietary needs. What’s even more thrilling is that there’s now a whole festival devoted […]

Sparkling Summer

It seems there are more reasons to celebrate this time of the year: weddings and all the pre-celebrations that come along with it – bridal showers, bachelor/ettes; summer BBQs; graduations; mother’s day/father’s day; birthdays and anniversaries. Many reasons to bring out the bubbly, so why not try something different? Sparkling Shiraz. Yes, you read right, […]

i(heart)music/SOCAN update

This post by Justin Beach of is reproduced with permission under a Creative Commons license agreement. Make sure to check North by East West, it’s an awesome Canadian music blog. I (heart) Music is based out of Ottawa, they put on great shows and we want to see them continue to exist and grow. […]

Audio Visual meets Apartment613

I’m Peter Henderson, and I’m one half of the team behind Audio Visual, a weekly arts and culture radio show that plays Wednesdays from 12-1pm on CHUO FM 89.1, the University of Ottawa’s community radio station. A weekly podcast (with archives) is now being hosted here at Apartment613, and our latest show will be updated […]

Thanks Glebites and Glebe posers

Our little stand at the corner of O’Connor and Second Avenue raised $215 Saturday. We say “raised” because the money is going to our bandwidth fund. We met lots of friendly people and our apartments are now slightly less crowded. We worked our sales pitches: “buy a knife, settle your domestic disputes;” “support Stéphane Dion, […]

Think About Life… and Dance!

If you find yourself in a dancing mood tonight, and aren’t already seeing Fiftymen at the Dominion Tavern, you may just want to see Montreal’s Think About Life tear it up at Babylon. Think About Life makes incredibly catchy and danceable indie rock. The band is supporting its brand new second album, Family, with a […]

Liar’s Rosebush CD Release

The future is here! Well, it will be come Tuesday night. That’s when Matt Rosen, aka Liar’s Rosebush, will release his new CD, Thank-You Machines!, at the Mercury Lounge. Liar’s Rosebush has long been a mainstay of Ottawa’s electronica landscape. His new album’s title is appropriate for a collection of songs that invoke the cyber-punk […]