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Month: March 2009

Bank St. woes continue: Tommy & Lefebvre burns down

Geez, I’m really hoping this does not become a regular trend, but yet again Bank St. has suffered a harsh blow with last night’s fire of Tommy & Lefebvre, the popular sports goods store. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but its clear that the store is a complete loss. The […]

Maple Festival this Weekend in Vanier

Much like everything else, the best part of spring is the sugar – the maple sugar, that is. Most of the time the sugar shacks (aka sugar bushes) which collect and process the sweet sap of the quintessential Canadian tree are waaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies, meaning you have to have a car or a […]

Veni Vedi Vici: Cupcake edition

We registered, we baked, we ate…Apartment613 is usually about previews but for Capital Cupcake camp we’ll make an exception in both our policies and our diets. Over 3000 cupcakes were baked and served and the turnout was so much greater than anyone expected; great news for Cupcake Camp organizers  (Awesome job Tanya, Ian, Andrew and […]

The Best Used Bookstores in Town

So – looking for an ancient copy of The Iliad? Or want to find the latest bestseller but don’t want to pay full price? Head on over to one of these fabulous finds…

©, creative commons and everything in between – RiP: A Remix Manifesto

I remember being a teenager in the mid-90s and reading in a magazine that the Beastie Boys’ Paul Boutique would go down in history as being the last great album that uses sampling. Why you ask? Because the album, produced by the Dust Brothers, was made in 1989 when sampling as we know it was […]

Ode to Springtime in Ottawa

As yesterday was the first official day of spring, the favorite of cheesy poets and baby animal enthusiasts alike, I offer  Apartment613’s loyal readers (all six of you) these humble verses on the most equanimous season of all. Ah the dirty Spring! Grey snow banks yielding putrid yellow grass and a winter’s worth of dog […]

Bank Street Takes Another Hit – Gina’s Cafe Closes, soon replaced?

UPDATE: Word on the street (the renovation permit posted on the window) is that Talay Thai Restaurant will be opening at some point in the future at the old Gina’s location. Happy, sad?  You let us know. ——— It looks like the economy is claiming another victim on Bank Street, as the staple breakfast/ lunch […]

People in your neighborhood: Interview with Spins & Needles

For everyone who’s ever felt torn between going out to a rave and staying in to handcraft a plush monster, there’s a made-in-Ottawa solution to your dilemma. Local crafting/DJ pair Melanie Yugo and Jason Pelletier have been hosting Spins & Needles since 2005, a unique event which combines funky beats with not-for-grandma crafting. Spins has […]

I hate to be a snob about this, but…

by guest contributor Lindsey Fox …there is a difference between a latte and a cappuccino. For those of you that down your legally addictive stimulants for the caffeine jolt alone, the difference may be meaningless. But for some of us – you can call us snobs if you chose, though I think the term ‘discerning’ […]

The Best City Views in Town

1. Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower – yes, very very touristic but you can see just about anything you want – a 360 degree view- thanks to all those mandatory short “skyscrapers” downtown. 2. Nepean Point (behind the Art Gallery). You can share space with Samuel de Champlain and high school kids smoking up but the […]

Recess for adults (mostly) without the hair pulling

There is a moment in everyone’s adolescence when they suddenly realize that playtime is over. For some people, it is the last time they put away the plush or plastic toys that no longer amuses them. For others, it is the heart wrenching instant when they realize that, no matter how much they may secretly […]

Les darlings de l’indie francophone montréalais à Babylon

Les darlings de l’indie francophone montréalais, Malajube, seront à Ottawa vendredi le 13 mars  dans le cadre de leur tournée canadienne. Ils joueront au Babylon Nightclub; les portes ouvrent à 20h.  Après la sortie de Trompe l’oeil (un album que j’ai adoré), les gars de Malajube ont joué aux quatre coins de la planète: Canada, États-Unis, […]