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Month: January 2009

Glen’s Chip Truck closed for February

Glen’s Chip Truck in Westboro is closed for the month of Suckuary February. I hope Glen is going somewhere warm to rejuvinate and he’ll be back in Ottawa ready to make more tasty treats for us in March. In the meantime, The Diner is only a couple blocks away and offers greasy comfort food with […]

Valentine’s Day in Ottawa – Take 2

We’ve already posted once on Valentine’s Day options, but for those of you who need a little extra help here are some more ideas from the romantic masterminds at Apartment613.

It’s over! Let them roll again.

The transit strike is (almost) over! The City of Ottawa and the OC Transpo workers union have reached a tentative deal to end one of the longest transit strikes in Canada.  Both city council and union membership need to make things official before the buses start running again. It was announced that all issues that […]

Diskode this Saturday

Timekode is Ottawa’s best dance party, hands down (or should I say boogie down). While the city’s booty-shaking set usually have to wait until the 3rd Friday of every month to get all sweaty at the erie cafe, they’ll be able to get thier hit a little earlier this time. In conjunction with the Aids […]

La Ligue nationale d’improvisation à Gatineau ce soir

Dans le monde francophone, on prend l’improvisation au sérieux, tellement qu’il y a une Ligue nationale d’improvisation qui est née en 1977 à Montréal.  Elle dure toujours depuis ce temps et s’est propagée dans divers pays d’Europe comme la France, la Belgique et la Suisse. Si la Ligue est prise au sérieux, l’impro en tant […]

A small, not so angry, mob

It’s Day 48 of the Ottawa OC Transpo strike and some citizens are more than fed up. A number of protests were organized today, starting from the Ottawa City Hall  and leading up the Parliament, where conveniently government reconvened today for first time since it was prorogued by the Governor General in December. It may […]

More Beddinge, Ektorp, Lack and Billy coming to the capital?

Fans of cheap furniture will be pleased to learn that according to the Canwest News Service, IKEA has filed plans to the City of Ottawa to expand their Ottawa location, making it the largest in the country. The plan has apparently been in the works for five years. Perhaps they were just looking for the […]

Basia Bulat at the Blacksheep Inn

In her much anticipated return to the Black Sheep Inn last night, Basia Bulat lived up to my somewhat over-inflated expectations for the show and overshadowed my unending love of her first music video. Bulat’s unique vocal is perfectly accompanied by a precise (and talented) violist, a creative piano/ accordion section and the guarded (yet […]

Lunching in the belly of the beast

For better or worse I count myself among the army of Ottawans that toil daily for the government within several blocks of Sparks Street downtown. We have our peculiar habits.  You may have noticed the ID tags clipped to our belts:  A hideous fashion choice that we gladly make in order to avoid the inconvenience […]

This Year’s Must-Have Accessory: The Deficit

My current budget priority is to save for a pony. Ottawa Center MP Paul Dewar hopes that next week’s federal budget, which will include a 34 billion dollar deficit, will involve less horse manure. From 10am to 2pm this Saturday, January 24th, Dewar is organizing a Community Dialogue on Economic Priorities at the Bronson Center […]

New Kid on the Block

Play Stephen Beckta’s new wine and cheese shop on Sussex Drive is now scheduled to open on January 30th. (One month behind schedule but who’s counting?).

Survival of the warmest

So it was cold last week – damn cold. -37 windchills ain’t going to make any trip outside pleasant, especially if you’re still part of the walking masses who are bitterly cursing the continued lack of transit. The question then becomes: where to get the gear that will protect you from the elements? 1. MEC […]

What to do ’til Winterlude – Theme Party

Not much to celebrate now that New Year’s has passed…you’re waiting for Valentine’s Day. But let’s be honest, in the dead of winter, you are just looking for an excuse to host an awesome party. Theme parties are pretty awesome if you’ve got the right hosts and fun people that buy into your theme. Last […]

Israeli Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Jeff Halper, at Carleton University tonight

Jeff Halper, originally uploaded by freegazaorg. Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I thought it might of interest to Ottawa folks . Tonight, you can catch the last of three talks given by Israeli human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Jeff Halper on the tremendously alarming situation between Israel and Palestine. Halper […]

HOT Wine Buy at the LCBO

Often times folks scoff at how much wine costs us here at the LCBO – when south of the border you are paying about half for exactly the same product. This week however, the LCBO is offering a crazy deal on what I think is a decent wine. Yellow Jersey wines, a Merlot, Pinot Noir, […]